Are Louis Vuitton bags made in China?

For those who adore the beauty of vintage inspired fashion items, the 2019 Louis Vuitton Victoire handbag is a breath of fresh air. It is not only elegant, but sophisticated, somehow modern, unconventional and versatile. Being a day-to-evening bag it offers exactly what you need to transition from a formal day at the office to a chic night out with friends.

ust as the original Victoire LV purse, my imitation comes with the famed coated Monogram canvas and red calfskin front pocket. But it does not have the red calfskin trim. Instead, the trim is crafted from regular Monogram canvas which is a huge give away. The other thing I have noticed when I unpacked my replica were the uneven lines, stitching and shape. Everything is terribly crooked. The flop has a horrible asymmetry due to the sloppy way in which this has been cut and manufactured. Then the red calfskin leather pocket over the front part of the Monogram canvas is uneven as well. And let’s not ignore the fact that the red color is also different. The original Victoire comes in a more burgundy tone of red while my fake has an almost orangey shade of red. These mistakes are quite obvious and could be spotted even by an amateur as they do not reflect the bad degree of replication, but rather the inferior quality of the craftsmanship.

The only possible conclusion here is that you always have to do your research and pay great attention when you buy a replica online. It is essential to have good reviews for the company and the products they are selling. Not all online companies are the same and certainly not all replica bags are the same quality. This time I was incredibly unlucky because I didn’t do my research and I took my chances with the first replica I came across. The result was a disaster. I paid a lot of money for a knockoff that looks horrible and feels even worse. The leather is of inferior quality, the craftsmanship is terrible, the shape and details lack refinement and symmetry and the hardware is cheap looking. Everything that could go wrong in a replica bag can be seen on my imitation LV Victoire. For me, it is a lesson. You always need to be sure when buying a replica bag online. You need to read as many reviews as possible and make decisions based on facts not on chances.

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